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Rockets and Robots: Engineering Without Understanding

Precious Delirium

Dispatches From the Arid Regions

Raging & Witnessing in the Hills of Sulfur

Loft of Dreams

As If Apes Would Hurl

My Story About the Chance Conference

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First in a series inspired by Max's San Francisco loft.

Punk Monster, Pigeon Man, radiation leaks at a nuclear plant, and love among the ruins.

"The Girl squinted through smoke at the lurid porno centerfolds papering the walls, her ears ringing and her body twitching nervously under an onslaught of conflicting drumbeats. She looked down at her bare feet in the dim light of the desk lamps surrounding the stage. Her toes crossed. She glanced sideways at Wib. What am I doing here, she thought. Wib was in another world, like all the others. Right in front of her a row of strangers swaying in a trance. She carefully set the maracas down under a lamp and ducked off the stage."

Copyright © 1997, 2014 Timothy V Ludington

Precious Delirium

eBook, 31 pages, first published and distributed in pamphlet form in 1997

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